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Nerves Relaxation Bundle

Rest is our greatest weapon!! Rest is a super power! Rest is required for us to be able to show up at our best for ourselves and those we love. When we lack rest and are full of stress and anxiety we can't pour into ourselves and truly heal or manifest the way we would like to. WIth our newest bundle learn how to create a life that integrates rest and self care to leave you at your highest potential to take on the world! 

This bundle will improve every area of your life!!! Get ready to experience:

  • Better moods and outlook on life 
  • Increased Energy levels throughout your day
  • Actually allowing your body to heal itself!
  • Improved Focus and productivity


Whats included in our High Grade Healing Lifestyle guide:

  • Seamoss Recipe book
  • Rising routines E-book
  • Mind your emotions E-book
  • Environment of Alignment E-book 
  • Live mini course with Akeem to stay on track!

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