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High Grade Healing Starter Pack

The High Grade Healing Starter Pack is the essential package for anyone who is just getting started on their journey or for well seasoned high grade healers looking to re-stock.

These 3 products complement one another and work together in harmony and to provide the highest and most epic benefits. The combination of Irish Seamoss, Fonio, and Bladderwrack Powder in the High Grade Healing Bundle may help elevate and rejuvenate all of the major bodily systems such as the digestive, immune, reproductive and urinary systems. This package will help optimize wellbeing and bring about ultimate version of self!

High Grade Healing Bundle Components:

  1. Fonio - Nutrient dense, gluten free, ancient grain thats easy on the digestion and even easier to cook!

  2. Irish Seamoss - Superfood that may help boost metabolism, immune system, increase energy levels, improve libido, support bone health, and more! Best consumed when made into a gel.

  3. Bladderwrack Powder - Health benefits may include being an iodine rich, epic plant jam packed with vitamin and minerals that can help with everything from reducing inflammation to improving eye health.


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