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St.Lucian Coal Pot with Abundance Incense Blend



Our clay pot incense holders are hand-made in St. Lucia. They are perfect for your daily routines, rituals and meditations, or just to hold your aromatic incenses and resins. In St. Lucia, they are a staple in most households, and when not in use can be used as a decorative piece for your home or altar. 

How to prepare and full-joy: 

  • Can be used with our abundance incense as an incense holder.

Can be cleaned with a damp cloth. 

Not to be used on a stove-top.

** Each clay pot is uniquely made and may arrive with a small chip, but still can be used. 

Abundance Incense

Our ancestral, indigenous incense blend is hand-crafted and mixed from St. Lucia with love and blessings. The indigenous lansan tree sap is what makes this incense blend extremely unique!  This aromatic incense can be used to summon the spirit of the ancestors, to cleanse and clear space and to set and create intentional space in any environment. 

The benefits:

  • Cleansing properties
  • Intention-setting tool 
  • Can be used to cleanse, clear and purge spaces and beings.

Ingredients:Lansan, gully root leaf, and rosemary leaf.

How to prepare and full-joy: 

  • Can be used with the coal pot or in another incense holder like an abalone shell. 
  • Place over a heat source like coconut charcoal.
  • Place a small piece of the white lancet on the coal with a few sprinkles of the gully root leaf. 
  • Ensure windows are open to allow smoke to cleanse the space and remove any entities. 

For external use only 


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