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Congratulations on your Choose Love Purchase!

In your hands right now you have some of the rarest items to come out of the Caribbean! We intentionally created this box to remind you to choose love on the daily! Once I realized the power of running on love, my life changed for the balance! I pray this box brings about the same for you!

This gift box is full of ancestral tools that will assist you in choosing love on the daily.

What's included: 

- St.Lucian Coal Pot: Hand-made by the Elders of St.Lucia using skills handed down through generations. Use this traditional Coal Pot to light your Abundance Incense.

Abundance Indigenous Incense Blend: St.Lucian Incense blend made from the rare Lansan tree, Anamu leaf and Rosemary. 

Cocoa Sticks: Cocoa is the love herb! It's full of different properties that open your heart and connect you with the feel good chemicals in your body! 

-1/2lb Irish Seamoss: Harvested from the coast and clear waters of St.Lucia and dried in sunlight as nature intended! An abundance of vital trace minerals and vitamins that help boost immunity, promote good health and restore the body.

Blessed love Herbal Bath Blend: Relaxing and rejuvenating herbal bath blend made with Seamoss Salt, Sweet Bayleaf Powder and Anamu Leaf

-Seamoss Soap:A moisture-rich hand-made soap made with our wild-crafted Golden Seamoss. Great for all skin-types, hair and well-suited for the whole family.

- Crystals: Making sure love is around and the energy is right! (Crystals will vary from what you see in the photos.

Watch this video to learn more about your Choose Love Box!

Choose Love Meditation

A guided meditation practice for you to choose love with every inhale and every exhale. Listen below!

Learn how to prepare Cocoa Tea!

Choose Love.

Have any questions?

If you have any questions about your box, please let us know using the form and we will get back to you ASAP! You can also text me (Akeem) at +1 213-431-0947

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