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Plant Based Milk recipes With Seamoss

Wholeness Family!

Giving up Dairy products was one of the first steps I took on my wellness journey that produced amazing results and had me look deeper into the nutrition "facts" we were taught growing up. When I found all the plant-based milk alternatives at the grocery store I was so excited as I could continue to make my creamy smoothie and porridge recipes! 

When I looked deeper into what we buy from supermarkets, I realized that even though they are better, they are not the best solution for us on our wellness journey. Buying plant-based milk from the store is very expensive, has added toxic ingredients and barely has any of the actual ingredients in it that we desire. 

That led me to discover how easy it is to make plant-based milk at home with only the ingredients I want and at a fraction of the cost! 


Here are three of my favourite Almost Alkaline plant-based milk recipes that utilize Seamoss for the perfect creamy texture as well as an added nutrient boost that will level up every recipe!  

Give thanks for your presence and please share with us if you do make any of the recipes!! 



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